Northern Design Centre Summer BBQ

11 Aug 2015

Last Thursday a very rare thing happened: the wind dropped a little, the sun shone and it was actually pretty warm in Newcastle.  By some miracle this marvelous event happened to coincide with the inaugural Northern Design Centre Summer BBQ.


We spent the afternoon excitedly peering out of the window as the party took shape before our eyes.  Predictably, the Kuro Dragon team was the first out there to soak up the sunshine, marvel at the decorations and get stuck into the giant beach games.   We felt as if we had been transported to a tropical land for the evening with monkeys hanging from the trees, flamingos dotted about and parrots perched on deck chairs (Don’t worry, we did take a Flamingo home with us)


The games proved to be a great source of entertainment: we created a terrifyingly tall Jenga tower and won many a coconut (or at least some of us did…).  Eventually we were joined by the other inhabitants of the NDC and some socializing ensued, aided by Stuart’s 2 litre bottle of Jack Daniel’s and a shared appreciation of the fabulous food.


The evening was a really great chance for some team bonding, friendly competition and drinks in the sunshine.  Hopefully the NDC will be inspired by the success of this event and we will have many more evenings like this in the future!