Netflix announces a series of new animations!

09 Nov 2016

The animation industry is continuing to grow at such a rate that even Netflix want a piece of the pie. Netflix currently are hosts to hundreds of animated movies but now the streaming company is looking to create their own animated movies to add to the collection.

With over 83 million of us spending over 10 billion hours a week on Netflix, it has without a doubt become an essential part of our daily routine. Whether it’s that Disney classic or that superhero guilty pleasure that takes your fancy, Netflix is always our go to.

However with over 13,000 titles available, choosing a “best animated movie” to watch on that cozy Sunday night in sometimes proves to be a difficult task. Netflix is therefore going to make this decision even more difficult for us with their plans to add their own animated movies to the website.

The streaming giant is looking to expand their library of animated movies and with this create a series of six animations that are looking to launch over the next few years. As if we didn’t already spend hours trying to decide what to watch!

Five of the animated series will be targeted towards children and the last show will be the first animation on Netflix to be targeted towards adults.

So what are these animations that we need to get excited about?

Skylanders Academy

This animated series follows the heroic adventures of the Skylanders team, a group of heroes with unique skills who travel the vast universe, protecting it from evil-doers. They achieve victory by setting aside their egos, learning to trust one another and fighting as one to maintain harmony in the land.




Llama Llama

Llama Llama is based on the award winning book series created by Anna Dewdney. The animated show is set to portray the childhood adventures and special connection between lead character Llama (who coincidently is a llama), his family and his best friends. With creators who have produced the likes of The Lion King, Frozen, Aladdin and Mulan, it is sure to be a roaring success.



Spirit Riding Free

A whole new generation will get to experience all the daring adventures when Spirit the Stallion meets a girl named Lucky whose courage matches his own. Together they push limits, harness the power of friendship and discover what it means to be free, whilst exploring their magnificent horsey world.



Spy Kids: Mission Critical

Netflix are also creating an animated adventure comedy series based on the beloved classic franchise, Spy Kids. When a new counter-spy agency threatens the safety of the world, it will be up to junior spies Juni and Carmen to train and lead a team of fellow Spy Kids against the forces of S.W.A.M.P and their diabolical leader, Golden Brain.




Hilda transforms the graphic novels by Luke Pearson into an unbelievable animated adventure for older kids. The series follows the journey of a fearless blue-haired girl as she travels from her home in a magical land full of elves and giants to the bustling city of Trolberg, where she discovers mysterious creatures who are stranger, and sometimes more dangerous than she ever expected.



Big Mouth

Big Mouth is the first animation that will be targeted towards adults on Netflix. The 10-episode, half-hour animated series is about teenage adventures during puberty. The series has been created by The Kroll Show funny guy, Nick Kroll who has created characters in the some very funny films- Sausage Party, Sing and Captain Underpants to name a few.

From the descriptions of these future animations, Netflix… we cannot wait!!