The Key Benefits of an Explainer Animation

09 Mar 2017

Explaining a product to your customers is crucial when securing a purchase. Whether your service is complex or easy to understand, if your audience can’t see the benefits they’re likely to lose interest.

One of the best remedies for this from a business perspective is Animation. There are a number of key benefits that come from the bespoke nature of an animation that we already outlined in a recent blog post, but today we want to focus on a key type of animation, the Explainer.

Explainer animations are a specific type of animation used by companies around the globe to help consumers understand their products. A few recent examples come from Amazon, Coca-Cola and TED. With some of the most lucrative, empowering companies on the planet taking advantage of the explainer animation it would be useful to explain why and how they work, and how they could be beneficial for your business.

Limitless Possibilities

Explainer Animations can be unique to your business and are always built to meet your brief. Because of the limitless nature of animation, you can transport your product into a number of new environments to showcase each of its applications. This is especially important if your product is large in size or inherently complex.

An Explainer Animation could essentially take your product back to the blueprint and show its inner workings to the audience, which would be near impossible with a live-action shoot. It’s a fact that people often take in and rationalise information best when it’s communicated visually. Words on a pamphlet or a spoken presentation are useful, but there are no moving parts. Before a consumer decides to purchase a product, they will want to see it in action, and with an Explainer Animation, you can do just that!

Approachable Art Style

Using an approachable art style can also be crucial when trying to communicate a concept to an audience. Animated characters resonate clearly with consumers and can be the engaging difference that pushes someone towards a purchase. They’re relatable and can be used to your advantage when articulating the benefits of your service. Often an animated character can serve as a teacher, explaining the product to the customer with ease, leading them through the processes with an inviting, simplistic aesthetic.

Further, if your product is an intricate machine it can be extremely useful to opt for a simple and clean graphic design often used in Explainer animations. When showcasing your product to an audience it’s key to understand that whilst it may have been designed by an engineer or developer, your audience may not have the same know-how. Explainer animations can be a great way to communicate ideas that are hard to understand from the outside looking in.

Future Perfect

Another great facet of an Explainer Animation is how they can communicate longevity. Perhaps your product has an immediate application but you plan to expand into a number of different sectors in the future. Maybe you’re developing a number of products that are still in the prototype stage but you can’t showcase anything physical just yet.

Consumers often want to see a tangible future in a product before they buy, and animation can physically represent concepts or goals for your business that you want to achieve but don’t know how to articulate. Further, a well-made animation is timeless and doesn’t age like a live-action shoot.

A character can become the heart and soul of your marketing, and a great explanation (if executed properly) can be used over a number of years during internal and client meetings.

Hopefully, this helps to showcase the core benefits of an Explainer Animation.  They can be crucial when trying to communicate a new product or engage with your prospective customers. For more articles about animation, keep in touch with us on Twitter.