Introducing Emmie Thompson

13 Jul 2015

What were you doing at fifteen? Probably, like us, not very much and definitely nothing of any particular significance. However, one girl breaking away from the teenage tradition of apathy is Emmie Thompson.

This week we’ve been lucky enough to have wonderful young animator Emmie in the office to help her develop her skills.

Emmie Thompson self-portrait

Just a little self portrait she penned in a couple of minutes!

At the tender age of just fifteen Emmie, who is in Year 10 at St Anthony’s Academy in Sunderland, has already won several awards for her animations before she has even done her GCSE’s… In October 2014, together with her younger sister Lilly, she won the Young Filmmaker’s award in the U14 category at the Berwick Film and Media Festival. The girls were overjoyed with their victory, particularly since they won £250 prize money to put towards their next project and help them develop their skills. The award winning film, Mitchell Goldfield, follows the world’s unluckiest individual as he weathers the storm of a pretty terrible day. Although the film is humorous and light hearted, it is also a gentle reminder that we all face little adversities in our day to day life but that like Mitchell, we just have to keep going.

In November 2014, Emmie was only one of 20 pupils in the UK who were selected to have their animations included in an e-safety film created by the Well Versed project. As a reward for her outstanding work, Emmie visited the Google headquarters and YouTube Studios for a guided tour. After talking to her about this, I can confirm that the rumours are true: Google offices have slides, sleeping pods and free food. We’re still hoping that one day our office will be like that….

Quick Q&A:

Which animatons inspire you? Adventure Time, Gravity Falls, Bravest Warrior

If you were a cartoon character, who would you be? Flynn from Adventure Time

Favourite animated film? Coraline

What sparked your interest in animation: I’ve always loved drawing and watching animated films so the step from drawing to producing my own animations felt pretty natural.

What would your super power be? Flying!

And finally… Your fancy dress costume of choice? Definitely a panda, with full face make up.

Emmie has been working on some exciting top secret things for us this week that we can’t wait to share with you.  We’re pretty flabbergasted by the quality of animation Emmie is producing aged only 15 and we wish her all the best for the future!