The Art of the Christmas Advert Spoof

29 Nov 2016

Tis the season to be jolly, but us brits love our satire. That’s why every year, we end up lampooning the nations favourite Christmas advert with excellent spoofs and parodies, swapping the festive cheer for belly laughs. It seems everyone and their dog has set their sights on poor Buster the Boxer this year, and whilst we’re all inclined to agree that Aldi’s attempt was better, the parodies in our selection focus on his mischevious trampoline escapades.

The Poke – John Lewis Pest Control

First up we have The Poke, a satirical website clearly clamoring to throw something together quickly to parody the viral advert. A mere four hours after the world got to see Buster, they released their spoof, which is mostly similar to the source material despite a clever twist. When the little girl wakes up on Christmas morning, the trampoline has been absolutely ruined by Buster and his feral friends, collapsed in a heap in the middle of the yard. A less festive take on the advert here, suggesting you should head to John Lewis this Christmas for pest control, not gifts for the family. The realistic tone seems to be common, a very British theme emerging as we take you through the cream of the crop of these festive scoops. – You can’t always get what you want…

This entry takes a more political tone, lampooning the controversial result of the US General Election. Barack and Michelle Obama take the place of the young girls parents, the young girl in this case being Hillary Clinton… Barack later sets up the trampoline, which has a lovely animated White House floating above it (subtle). In particularly hilarious fashion, Clinton comes striding out hoping to claim her ‘Christmas Present’ only for Trump to come bolting out of the living room, his extremely posable face wobbling in the wind, transposed on to the head of Buster the Boxer

The best part of this one is easily the facial expressions, which the animator has lovingly recreated over the advert’s characters. The shock and awe of the Obama power couple as they realize Hillary won’t be getting the ‘Christmas’ she wanted should get you laughing¬†if Trump’s gammy canine mug hasn’t set you off already. The advert ends on a prescient solemn note… You can’t always get what you want… and with the way 2016 is going, ain’t that the truth!

Robert Dyas – Buster?… Not on my trampoline!

This interesting addition to the spoof collective concerns Kitchenware and Gardening firm Robert Dyas. A peculiar old man builds his own trampoline and has a go of it himself, preferring to watch the advert on his iPad with his feet up after his tiresome day. All seems well and good until he notices the pests populating the poor girls trampoline and decides to jerry-rig his back garden to keep the vermin out. He goes completely overboard of course, choosing to purchase a security light, remote CCTV camera, and pest deterrent. Despite all his efforts, he spots a lone hedgehog on his iPad screen and completely loses it, shouting expletives and carrying a shovel to the back garden. Thankfully, we fade to black before we see the gory details…

My Voucher Codes – Budget Buster

A lighthearted spin comes from the folks at MyVoucherCodes, who’ve one-upped themselves from last year, spending only ¬£600 pounds to counter John Lewis’ 6 million pound spend, a reflection of their savvy business. The gig was made by students from the School of Communication Arts, who’ve managed to make Buster even cuter by fashioning him out of the contents of a Year 4 Arts and Crafts cupboard. Yep, it’s pipe cleaners and googly eyes galore, whilst a decidedly acoustic version of ‘One Day I’ll Fly Away’ ticks over in the background. Somehow this only took six hours to make too, which is remarkable considering the production team over at John Lewis took six months! Just goes to show you don’t need a big budget to have a charming effect.

Tennent’s Lager – Meanwhile in Scotland…

Possibly the most hilarious of the list, famous Scottish lager brand Tennant’s parodied John Lewis’ ad with this excellent mashup concerning a previously viral video. Again, they lure you in with the familiarity of the endearing father constructing his daughter’s trampoline, only to tear away the festivities with Conor Guichan’s viral video of a trampoline sweeping past his window in Fife. Naturally you can hear him shouting “Oh My God, Trampoline!” as it rolls through a quiet suburban street. This was back in 2011, when Scotland was battered by some pernicious high winds. It’s simple but terribly effective, and a short but sweet way to lampoon the entire trend for some feel-good laughs.

Of course, these are only a few of the treats in the Christmas Spoof selection box, but if you find anymore as the advent calendar winds down, make sure to drop us a line on Twitter!