Why Are Animated Adverts So Effective?

27 Feb 2017

Animated advertisements are something we come to expect when we saddle up in front of the TV after a hard day. But why is it that many agencies choose it over live action? And why do they work so well in engaging consumers?

Characteristic Attraction

In a paper by Huang (2011), it was noted that animated characters have a clear effect on consumers when buying products. The paper concludes that they can trigger nostalgia, capture an audience with their intriguing style, and by proxy, instil a level of trust in a product due to the perceived sincerity of the animated character. Characters can also be reused without wear, making them malleable for a brand. Just think of all the ways in which Aleksandr the Meerkat has been portrayed!

It’s clear that animation as a medium is tremendously powerful, especially in its ability to relate to an audience. Consumers connect easily with an animation, whereas it’s always an uphill struggle with an actor or a model. We’re all unique individuals, but we understand the concept and appeal of an adorable animal.

Animation often replaces boring, heavy live action material with powerful images and emotional audio that are easy on the eyes and ears.

It’s also relatable to the pets we had as children or the cuddly toys in the attic. Characters drawn to life are also timeless and can reach across generations. Adolescents and Adults alike know who Scooby Doo is, which explains why Halifax have been using him in their recent adverts.

Further, to ensure a model or actor conveys the brand message in a sincere way is a struggle. When possible, it makes sense to use an animated animal to sell a product, like for example John Lewis’ Monty the Penguin, or Tony the Tiger. When you think about the Frosties brand, it’s synonymous with the image of the tiger and famous catchphrase “They’re Great!”, and you feel a connection with the product through that medium.

Limitless Creativity

Unfortunately, with a video camera and a selection of actors, we’re limited (beyond After Effects) by the boundaries of the physical world. Animation allows us to create realms that only exist in our imagination, but can have a lasting effect on a consumer’s mind.

We can visit different time periods from the prehistoric era to the future in an animated advert, and this is fantastic for a business trying to tell a story through Animation.

The cost of set designs, location shoots and models in traditional advertising but barriers on your creativity. Whilst animation isn’t always cheap, it can envision something way beyond the physical realm that will catch the eye of consumers.

Animation simply put, does what live action cannot. It can increase brand advertising through striking visuals that resonate with any audience due to their incredibly high engagement rates. No brand can afford to ignore the phenomenon of animation anymore.

If you want to show the unique appeal of your product to make it stand out among the competition, you can’t go wrong with a fun, inspired Animation. Further, Animations are very flexible, and can be used as a trailer, or to explain a concept, or even an important company moral across many different storytelling platforms

Visualise Your Product

Perhaps you want to visualise the ‘product of the future’ or use a problem present in the past to showcase the viability of a new service. You only have a short time to tell your brand message in an animated advert for TV, so it’s even more important that your brief can be visualised through animation.

If your product is an intricate machine, it would be near impossible without showing the blueprints to visualise its inner workings. Animation makes this possible, and for companies of this nature, making sure your complex product can be understood by many could be the key to success.

Animation can easily tap into the audience’s most basic understanding to transform a complex idea into something that is easily accessible by all. This means that a customer can better envision technical products.

You can also slow processes down and provide an in-depth walkthrough of the service you’re providing. When broken down to its core values and made aesthetically appealing, the inner workings can be made elegant and attractive to a client, regardless of how complex it looks on the surface.

Hopefully, this article has informed you about the power of Animated Advertisements. Feel free to follow us on Twitter to keep up with all the latest blog posts.